Which Area in Westport, CT is the Best Place to Live?

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So, you’ve decided that you are  ready to move to Westport, CT.  But where do you start? You could ask a coworker. Maybe a relative. Possibly you even have a friend who was smart enough to have already moved to Westport. Or, you can just ask me!

There are many areas in Westport. So, what’s the BEST area in Westport to live?

It all depends on whom you ask. In most cases- the person you ask will tell you that where they live is the best! Their elementary school has the smartest teachers! Their commute is the fastest! But in reality there are a lot of great areas in Westport.

You may have heard of them. Green’s Farms (which is indeed very green, but it’s actually named after Farmer Green), Coleytown (yes Farmer Coley planted there), Long Lots ( where there used to be long deep lots leading all the way up to Weston), Compo (the beach area), Saugatuck ( has its own Island and near the train station), Old Hill (which used to be the best route from New York to Boston in Colonial Days) and Red Coat (part of the Coleytown Area where the British actually did cross en-route to the Battle of Danbury).

Each neighborhood has it’s own personality and conveniences. I tell everyone to find the house they love, not the neighborhood. I promise, you will fall in love wherever you end up here. Most of us appreciate how lucky we are to call Westport home!

If you absolutely insist on searching by neighborhood, here are some short cut searches by area.

Coleytown Home Search

Greens Farms Home Search

Old Hill Home Search

Compo Home Search

Saugatuck Home Search

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