What is missing in Westport?

December seemed to have flown by without a hitch. No major snowfalls occurred to deter all of our wonderful holiday plans! As the New Year commences, Westporters are settling back to work, school, and busy daily lives. Most of us already appreciate what a great place Westport is, and consider ourselves lucky to be a part of the community. Although we seem to have most everything possible in a town…there is always room for growth. I asked current Westporters what we still needed in our metropolis, and many were stumped. But we are a group filled with good thoughts! I told them they could be funny or quite real. If you are looking to open a business here, maybe one of their ideas will work.

 Tracey Lev – Barney’s and Chopped

Jill Halper – An Apple Store (but not on Main Street of course). An upscale, Nobu-esque Asian restaurant (great to be on Main Street), and a movie theater

Steve Miller – A bigger JL Rocks Jewelry Store – so all us husbands can crowd in there while Jamie shows us what jewelry our wives will like!!

Liz Kaner – More waterfront restaurants-the more the merrier!

Jamie Camche – Leonard’s of Great Neck so Linda Skolnick can host several of her annual birthday dinners

Ashley Minervini– Jamba Juice

Barbara Greenspan – “Chopt”, a great salad place.  Thought maybe that would go in where House of Pancakes was, but we are getting another nail salon!

Randi Kessler – Maybe a bank or a nail salon

Shannon McArthur – Well, I was going to say a Maserati Dealership, but I have noticed that we are getting one of those… so… I’m good!!!! No, really, I can’t think of anything I would like here… Westport is amazing!

Marcy Sansolo -A luge track

Avi Kaner – Drive-through coffee for those rainy, snowy, and cold days

Sherri Raifaisen – more GOOD “Customizable” Salad Places (like Sweetgreens)!!

Danny Barsanti – A bocci court and a bench to sit on and hold my wife’s hand….

Alan & Jane Stone-Wigg – a restaurant down at Compo beach when Positano leaves

Nancy Landauer– Truly, Westport just seems to get better every year – it’s very hard to think of what might be missing! We always welcome the opening of new and better restaurants

Clair Mason – I would love to see more outdoor dining. I love visiting cities and towns where there’s lots of ” Al Fresco ” dining. Outside tables and chairs at Positano on the beach would be perfect and maybe a few more restaurants in the beach area where Alan’s clam house used to be. Also more restaurants along the Saugatuck river

Angela Edwards – more quick lunch places like Pret a Manger,  Hale and Hearty, or Chipotle.  Those of us who work in town are constantly in a quandary about where we should go to grab a quick lunch

Joyce Backman– Bloomingdales!

Lisa Passavant– a more pedestrian friendly downtown.  Main Street is great, but it would be equally nice to extend the walk-able area and create more of a downtown feeling.  It’s nice that one restaurant puts tables and a few chairs out, but it would be great to see that happen on the Main Street side, and perhaps incorporate a loop to include part of the Post Road around to the Library.  The downtown area is so beautiful with the Saugatuck River running through it, would be nice to see more people enjoy it and at the same time supporting the local business owners.

Glenn Camche– A great, affordable  family restaurant with a diversified menu for all and where almost everything tastes great..like Cheescake Factory!

Allison Ziering – In-n-Out Burger or White Castle. Shake Shack and Five Guys is good, but nothing beats In-n-Out.

Meg Armstrong – A really good theatre that shows good films, hopefully international films.  Or something like the Paris Theatre or Lincoln Plaza Cinema in the city.

Dan Hartman – taxidermy and a Westport leather and venison butcher store  that sells locally harvested deer skin jackets, boots, gloves, hats, etc., venison steaks, sausages, etc to give purpose to culling the out of control deer population

Lois Backon – A great waterfront restaurant.

Nadja Streiter – More Valet parking

Lisa Berlin – I am sentimental about what Downtown Westport used to be like, so I’d love to see the old theater back in Downtown- the small, old type with just two pictures being shown at once.

Jon Deren – Drive thru (for parents with kids in the car, nothing better than drive thru or curbside pickup) Sandwich/salad options downtown, or other casual food places…more than Freshii and Oscars. Java!!! Don’t leave us

Karen Scott – I love all the restaurants in town, how about a fun sports bar?!?

Jacquie Tolkin – ZABAR’S! Whenever I go into Zabar’s in the city I always wish we had one in Westport. And JLRocks with more seating space!

Karen Fountain – A cinema & a great bookshop/cafe

Jill Denowitz – Movie theater!

Laurie Platte – Great shoes and bag Store PLEASE!!!!

Lucia Gulbrasen – Linda – First,  we need more people like you in Westport!  On the retail front, it would be great to have an Apple Store and a Zara.    It would be great to have a bagel shop that sold nothing but bagels!

It seems that Westporters love to eat, drink and go to the movies while appreciating convenience. Many value our natural attributes and crave more restaurants focusing on our beautiful waterfront. We stay vibrant by integrating what is great already and improving upon what could make us even better.


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