SOLD 6 Sprucewood Lane, Westport,CT

6 Sprucewood Lane, Westport, CT $2,900,000.. Located on the finest cul-da-sac in Westport, CT … [Read more...]

Westport, CT Housing Market Scoop 2015

Hopes ran high when 2015 quietly embarked with little to no snow. Any Westport Realtor will tell you that if January’s weather is mild, the market tends to be strong. However, if January is cold and … [Read more...]

Classic & Contemporary Together in Westport, CT Kitchen

Anyone looking at New Construction Homes in Westport, CT knows that it's gone Contemporary. Bathrooms are angular and clean minus the fussiness of 10 years ago. Floors are either weathered gray or … [Read more...]

The Weather is Hot….and so is the Market

It’s always discussed with a homeowner while deciding how to best price their home for sale. Well-versed buyers continually require an update. Most acquaintances and local business owners want to be … [Read more...]