SOLD 4 Greenbrier Lane, Westport,CT

4 Greenbrier Lane, Westport, CT $1,525,000.. Located in the prestigious Coleytown Area of Westport, CT … [Read more...]

SOLD 6 Sprucewood Lane, Westport,CT

6 Sprucewood Lane, Westport, CT $2,900,000.. Located on the finest cul-da-sac in Westport, CT … [Read more...]

SOLD 42 Easton Road, Westport, CT

42 Easton Road, Westport, CT $2,200,000.. Located in the center of Westport, CT … [Read more...]

Westport, CT Housing Market Scoop 2015

Hopes ran high when 2015 quietly embarked with little to no snow. Any Westport Realtor will tell you that if January’s weather is mild, the market tends to be strong. However, if January is cold and … [Read more...]

Five Questions that Can Help You Gain Insight on a Prospective Home

Unlike an automobile, you can’t test drive a home before you purchase it. You have to base your decision on redeeming factors such as layout, condition and much more. Of course, the seller is … [Read more...]

Westport is on the Road to Recovery, but Not Quite There Yet

It’s true, the housing market in Westport is on fire. Our Buyers and Sellers are educated and informed and ready to make a move. But it’s not all sunshine and roses from here on in. Although I … [Read more...]