SOLD 2 Crystal Circle, Westport, CT

  2 Crystal Circle, Westport, CT-$1,980,000 Walk down the beautiful blue stone path to 2 Crystal Circle’s enchanting wrap around front porch. Enjoy a tranquil view of the neighborhood … [Read more...]

Westport, CT Housing Market Scoop 2015

Hopes ran high when 2015 quietly embarked with little to no snow. Any Westport Realtor will tell you that if January’s weather is mild, the market tends to be strong. However, if January is cold and … [Read more...]

SOLD 25 Sturges Commons, Westport, CT

25 Sturges Commons, Westport, CT $3,200,000.. Located in the center of Westport, CT … [Read more...]

Brownie Deliveries Commence ! I just love your comments after Delivery!

The oven is pre heated while the pan is buttered awaiting its gooey contents. Soon, my Westport Real Estate Buyers and Sellers will be in possession of their yearly Brownie Delivery. Thank you all for … [Read more...]

The Weather is Hot….and so is the Market

It’s always discussed with a homeowner while deciding how to best price their home for sale. Well-versed buyers continually require an update. Most acquaintances and local business owners want to be … [Read more...]

Which Area in Westport, CT is the Best Place to Live?

So, you’ve decided that you are  ready to move to Westport, CT.  But where do you start? You could ask a coworker. Maybe a relative. Possibly you even have a friend who was smart enough to have … [Read more...]