Baby it’s Cold Out There…But Westport, CT’s Beauty never Fades

While showing a home yesterday on Owenoke Park, Westport, CT my clients and I couldn't help but marvel at the serenity of the sunset on the LI Sound. Although the home wasn't a match, we couldn't … [Read more...]

Westport Home Sales Were on Fire in 2013

It’s hard to go anywhere in town these days without someone asking me the age old question, “How’s the Real Estate Market?”  After so many years of trying to find a positive spin on a declining … [Read more...]

Avoid These 8 Staging Mistakes

Your home should reflect your personality and that of those that inhabit it. However,  it does not  mean that everyone coming through the front door will feel the same way. What may be “charming” to a … [Read more...]

Westport has Plenty to Brag About

While driving around Westport with a new client this weekend, I found myself spewing off all the great accolades Westport and our schools have received over the years. I suddenly had a desire to write … [Read more...]