Brownie Deliveries Commence ! I just love your comments after Delivery!


The oven is pre heated while the pan is buttered awaiting its gooey contents. Soon, my Westport Real Estate Buyers and Sellers will be in possession of their yearly Brownie Delivery. Thank you all for moving to Westport and staying in my life! xo Linda


Here are some of your responses to me after delivery!

The Giants game was coming to an end and I hear an enormous shriek of joy come from the other room. “The Giants finally won?” I ask. “Yes but that’s not it!!! Dad just got an email that Linda’s brownies are here!!” And with that my kids were out the door running down the street to the mailbox!Brownie delivery has become one of the most exciting events of the holiday season!


My husband is very excited and I am very excited that he is excited!  He loves your brownies. I would prefer a nice handbag over brownies FYI

Love the brownies but also love you.

Who is the luckiest girl on the planet, soon to be the shortest, widest girl on the planet…? If you guess correctly she may share a smidge or a crumb of her umpteenth delivery of the most divine brownies on the planet. Yesterday my husband brought the mail in and I was having my friends for their birthday. He left the mail on the counter and of course they saw the box first and asked what it was and I looked over and I knew right away. I said, “Back away from the brownies, don’t even think for a second I would be kind enough to share even on ones birthday. DO NOT TOUCH the box or you will have no dinner.” Then after dinner they kept threatening me that he was going to eat a brownie. I told my husband to go hide them some place high up where no could find them. I have eaten 2 for breakfast. I will freeze the rest and eat them for dinner.

Thank you thank you Thank you Thank you Thank You

Thanks so much for the brownies. They were made to perfection…although by the time I had an opportunity to try one from the batch, there was only a half of one brownie left.  Guess that speaks for itself and were a hit across the household!

Thank you! Sweetest part of the holidays 🙂

I am NOT sharing this year!!!!!

Good thing the kids are not home.  I’d have to share.   xo

The brownies are (were) awesome

Giant THANK YOU… for of course the amazing Linda Skolnick brownies but also for the Sunday delivery….we beat the kids to them this year J

Thanks so much.  We got home last night and the brownies were NOT with our pile of mail that our sitter brought into the house. We were so bummed that the joke that I made about the mailman eating the brownies, while we were away might actually be true.  I went outside, in the rain, with a flashlight and opened the mailbox.  In the very back, was the tin, full of brownies.  Phew


Yum!!! It’s our favorite day of the year!!! Thank u!!!! Delish!!!

Seriously….I have never…EVER..had a more delicious brownie!  They are f…… ridiculous!!!!!

Yay – thank you so much Linda – yumm yumm yumm – xx

Thank you for the brownies. They are amazing. You know the Lays potato chip commercial- I bet you can’t have one? Well- I could have eaten the whole thing all by myself.!!! But I will share!

I swear they get better and better every year if that is possible!

Got them- thanks so much – We thought we might be off the list now that we live in Southport LOL. Glad we are not 🙂 Already took a bit. Delicious as always

Thank you Linda for the fab treats – you are definitely a trouble maker!

Thanks for the amazing brownies, Linda!

Hi – Happy Holidays Linda! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!  Super Excited about your brownies! Thank you!!

My favorite time of the year!!


Thank you so much! You’re the best.

Thanks Linda, but Drats we are away. I hope Robert, the mailman doesn’t eat them before we get back.

They were/are fantastic as always.  Thanks for continuing to supply us with these great treats.


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